Search Text Configuration
by Simon 

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Find string in text configuration file using defined regular expression. Permits searching any text file, regular expression searching and context based search analysis.


Search String
File to search
Context of search
Expected result (should the string be found or not)


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User Reviews

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2/21/2012 lindsay.brechler
This check has been enhanced and offered as the Text Pattern Based Configuration Check ( See that page for more detail.
10/6/2011 dgreer
This is almost what I need, However:
in Cisco products, the comment is on a separate line from the rule that it documents.

This report only shows the comment, not the rule that it documents.

Could you modify the report to include the actual ACL that it documents? I think that this would always be the next line from the Cisco raw configuration.
10/5/2010 raymond.r.overton
Good stuff for your Cisco boxes.
8/17/2010 justin.jocewicz
This is exactly what everyone will probably need. Great for searching for strings in Cisco and Juniper. Thanks.
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Latest Version:  1.0
Status:  Verified
Works With Version(s):  4.2, 5.0, 5.1
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