Check Point Firewall Version
by Simon 

Categories: Audit/ComplianceMisc.
Evaluate that IPSO or SecurePlatform devices are running the correct Check Point firewall module version. Evaluate version and build number running on the device. If the system is not running the correct version, the check will fail.
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8/16/2010 justin.jocewicz
This is great, but there is a bug when reading a build number that has leading zeros. For example, if you have a build number of 008, it registers it as build 0.

Equally and opposite to this is the audit check only ingests a variable >0. So, when you have a minimum build number of 008, it discards the first two integers and only takes into account the 8, or >0 integer.

How often are builds going to start with two leading zeros? Not sure.
Extension Details
Latest Version:  1.1
Status:  Verified
Works With Version(s):  4.2, 5.0, 5.1
Tags:  version, Check Point, Nokia, IPSO
Version History
Version 1.1   (8/17/2011)  download
Version 1.0   (2/5/2010)  download