Find Highly Used Rules Low in the Policy
by Simon 

Categories: Policy AnalysisUsage Analysis
Find highly used rules that are located low in the policy. These rules represent a key opportunity to optimize the firewall performance.


Top X% rules (default 5%) - If there are 500 rules, than the most used 25 comprise the top 5%

Location % threshhold(default 50%) - this is the location percentage. For example, if there are 500 rules and the rule in question is rule number 300, it is at a 60% rule location.

Ignore drop rule - it is very common for the drop rule to be a top used rule and it is by definition the last rule. this option will exclude it from being printed (it is still included in the percentage calculations)

The defaults state that the top 5% of used rules will be evaluated and if any are below the 50% mark in policy location, they will be printed out.


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