Policy Test History
by Mark Belles 

Categories: Audit/CompliancePolicy Analysis
This check will allow you to test the revision history of a device for access, using Policy Test. The test will stop on the first revision that passes, or keep going until it runs out of configs or hits the history threshold specified in days.

Example use: You are certain ssh used to work between two IPs, and you'd like to know when that changed. This test will test each revision until it finds the one that allows this, so that you know exactly when the access changed.

Tested in 5.1.2 and 5.1.3.

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Extension Details
Latest Version:  1.0
Status:  Tested
Works With Version(s):  5.1, 5.2
Tags:  Policy Test, Revisions, History
Version History
Version 1.0   (7/28/2010)  download