Change Window Alert
by Simon 

Categories: Audit/Compliance
Verify that the most recent configuration change took place within the defined change window. If not, the check will fail and provide details on the failure including which device was modified, who made the change and when it was changed.

User can specify start time, end time and valid days of the week when changes are allowed.

This is designed to be setup as a notification to be run when changes happen.

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User Reviews

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4/25/2012 jcandiff
Very good extension. Is there a way to add multiple times in the event that the approved change window occurs multiple times on a given day?

7/20/2010 Sandro Herpich
Very nice extension allowing to monitor if changes took place during unapproved time frames.

Could be improved by combining it with a change report so that the auditor can not only see that something was changed, but also what changes were applied.
Extension Details
Latest Version:  1.2
Status:  Verified
Works With Version(s):  6.0+
Version History
Version 1.2   (8/21/2013)  download
Version 1.1   (8/6/2012)  download
Version 1.0   (5/19/2010)  download