Device Inventory Report
by Jason Coon 

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This report lists device information in a table. The table can be saved in CSV (comma-separated values) format, which can be easily opened in Microsoft Excel, Open Office, or other spreadsheet software.

Version 1.2 will now show devices of all types, but may not be compatible with some older Security Manager versions (5.x or older).

This is a report extension and will show up in the FireMon client in the Reports section, instead of the Compliance section like most other extensions.

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User Reviews

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3/19/2015 jim.kong
10/22/2013 ewaters2
Good report but does not grab all devices. Cisco Context don't show up in the report. Wondering if the XML just needs to be updated.
3/12/2013 User634986813772535000
works with version 6.x as well
1/27/2011 justin.jocewicz
Very useful. I seem to alway ask for something. Is there anyway we can have the option to use a pre-processor with this in order to filter out the duplicate Check Point devices? I.e. A Check Point device is a module and IPSO device. It counts as one, but both show up in the report.
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Latest Version:  1.2
Status:  Tested
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Version History
Version 1.2   (7/29/2014)  download
Version 1.1   (9/1/2011)  download
Version 1.0   (1/13/2011)  download