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List Real IP Addresses from Objects Options
#1 Posted : Monday, April 15, 2013 8:26:22 PM
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Hi Firemon team. I need to provide to one of my clients a list of all _real_ IP addresses being used by objects specifically of the "IP range" type in Checkpoint. The client needs a list of all such objects that match a certain criteria, and the IP address range they represent (or the individual IP addresses). It would seem Firemon has this info in its database somewhere, after all, it can filter based on subnets on the "Policy Test" report so I know its looking inside the object for what IP address they represent. What really gets me though is that we cannot access that data directly. Not on the GUI, not on Insight (well, on Insight the IP range object show up using this query:
device{name = 'N58-FWMGMT'} and rule{destination.type = 'ADDRESS_RANGE'}
but I cannot get it to display the actual IP address on its own column. Moreover, on Insight when I hover my mouse of the object, it only lists the first IP address of the range and not the rest of the IPs (seems like a bug).

Can Firemon please add this to a list of requirements or customer requests somewhere? Thanks.
#2 Posted : Wednesday, October 2, 2013 11:46:21 AM
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Any update on this? This would be a HUGE help for us?
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