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Syslog & Reporting Feature Requests Options
#1 Posted : Wednesday, December 18, 2013 12:47:45 PM
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* Login/Logout Event Notifications to be sent to a centralized syslog server/SIEM.
- Support # 5591
"Currently Firemon events are only recorded in the event log and can be seen from the Administration section of the GUI . The OS access is only recorded locally and can be seen via the usual linux commands. Firemon currently does not support forwarding either of these events to syslog."

"The syslog server in Firemon is part of the DC process, it receives syslog messages from the devices. There is no way to forward that data on.

There are options to set a syslog server in the GUI, those settings are only used for Notification reports. The Notification reports can send a syslog message when a change is made, ie Change Notification report."

* Ability to select and run multiple reports vs having to run each report individually
- Support # 5645
- "Currently, we do not have a way to run multiple reports, the way you describe. If you wish to request this functionality, please do so via the User Center Forum's, by posting your request in the Feature Suggestion section."

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