Publish Your Extension in Nexus

So, you have a great idea of how to enhance FireMon Security Manager, to add a whole new feature, or to just improve the layout of an existing report and you are ready to share it with the world.

Publishing your extension on Nexus is a simple process:

  1. Package your Extension
  2. Upload to Nexus
  3. Announce the Extension
  4. Collaborate

1. Package Your Extension

Now that you have created your extension, it's time to package it for upload. To package the extension, simply ZIP the directory containing the extension contents. Make sure that only the single directory is in the path; users will unzip this into the appropriate destination on the server. The package must contain:

  • Model.xml
  • View.vm
  • Controller.js

Make sure the Model.xml file has a unique KEY.

2. Upload to Nexus

Publishing your new extension via Nexus to other FireMon Security Manager users is a very simple process.

  1. Log in to Nexus.
  2. Click Upload.
  3. Describe your extension, then select the .zip package containing your extension.
  4. Click Finish.

Once submitted, the check will first be reviewed by FireMon. This evaluation is a cursory review of the extension, it is not a verification, quality check or certification. We simply want to verify that the extension is well-formed. Each newly submitted extension will be published with a status of "Reviewed." As checks are tested, they will be updated with a status "Tested" and "Verified."

3. Announce the Extension

Now that you've done the work to make your idea a reality -- created the extension, tested it, documented it and published it -- it is time to make some noise and share it with the world. Go to the Nexus Forum and announce the release of your new extension.

4. Collaborate

Once people start to use your extension, they're going to want to get involved. Some people will report issues. Some people will suggest changes or enhancements. And best of all, some users might pitch in and offer to help improve what you started. You can encourage this behavior by being responsive, answering questions, and making fixes and additions when possible. Demonstrating momentum is the surest way to keep people interested and motivate them to contribute themselves.