About Nexus and Extensions

FireMon Nexus is an online community where engineers can find, download, review and publish extensions for FireMon Security Manager. It is also a space where engineers can share their ideas on how to address common problems of emerging threats, technology solutions and ideas for new Security Manager extensions to help better manage their security.

Our vision is simple:
Bring together the knowledge and expertise of the brightest engineers and combine it with the data and analysis engines in Security Manager to create solutions to problems.


Over the last few years, interest in developing and using extensions with Security Manager has grown significantly among our customers. The potential power of extensions became obvious with the first few that we published. Each subsequent extension that we published became a catalyst for new extensions, and ideas from our customers started flooding in. We began to see a pattern, some commonalities of ideas. Customers weren’t always asking for the same extension but they were trying to solve the same problems. With this growing interest, and as the number of developed extensions continued to grow, we decided that it was time to make a public repository so our customers could easily find solutions.


Our goal with Nexus is two-fold: one, make it easier for users to find extensions; and two, make it easier for developers to share extensions that they create. To address the first goal, we have created a site where users can find extensions according to category and popularity or by searching. For the second goal, we have made the process of publishing a new extension as simple as filling out a Web form. We have also published additional documentation on how to create extensions to make it easier to get started.

So join Nexus, the intersection where ideas and solutions meet.